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Sunday, July 10, 2005

DC Area Bloggers Meet - Finally !


The day of reckoning : DC Area Bloggers Meet. Mukund, Ganesh, Eshwar
, Shiva, Raman, Senthil and Robbie attended the meet. It was a good start. As Mukund pointed out ;p, the quantity did not matter, quality did

It was so much fun. Almost everyone shed their inhibitions, (helo, inhibitions i.e. ice melting) and was training guns on others' blogging techniques. The leg pulling was pretty obvious. Everyone aimed at the 'increase-your-size of comments', 'how to get more visitors' techniques of others.

It has been a long time, almost since my college days, that i had such laugh-riot for the entire duration of the meet.

We did miss, Srikanth, but i think we can setup one more meet, East Coast or MidAtlantic Area Bloggers meet, may be couple of months from now, where we will hope to have bigger presence and larger meet.

Cheers everyone to the good time we had ! :-)


Ganesh said...

Enjoyed thoroughly :)
Thanks Aravind for introducing Ram,Eshwar and Shiva
nice meeting you all

Arvind said...


Anytime, adhu seri, adhukku edhukku oru 'ahem' ;)

ROBBIE said...

eppam vandhirukkum paavam hahaha! poor ganesh cant even take a deep breath without being noticed.

ROBBIE said...

what about this as the name for our group... THE DC BLOGOMANIACS? We should include that in our logo the next time:P

ioiio said...

East coast meet.. aiya ready..

Arvind said...

yaaru dr.aiya va ? idhu bloggers meet..katchi kootam illa - vitta blog kkum tamil'a peru veyunga nu arambichuda poranga ;) ( how about "iNaya ezhuthALi makkal katchi" ? )

aiya va aiyo va ioiio va ?

Arvind said...


sure, watch the blog space...sollave thevai illai - but nonetheless, there will be blitz marketing for something as big as east coast blogger meet ! :-)

thennavan said...

Arvind, your idea of a bigger geographical meet (like East Coast bloggers meet) is a good one since I am sure people like Venky, IOIIO, Prabhu, Anti etc. can also attend. Let's see how the others feel about this since a bigger gang can also mean greater fun (going by how much just 8 people generated yesterday) :-)

Raman said...

It really was great fun yesterday. I thoroughly enjoyed. I had a difficult time picking myself up from the floor. adhaan, rotfl, guys! :-)

ROBBIE said...

It seems like a lot of people would've come this time if we invited them (ref: comments section of my blog). At the same time I also feel that we got to know each other better because of the small number of people that were present. I guess we should retain this group of 8 or more (including Srikanth) for our next meeting and then try and attract new people. I would like to call our group the DC blogomaniacs.We should also probably think of starting a blog together where everyone of us contributes a post.

Arvind said...


Sure, the greater DC area blogger meet, can be arranged and then expanded



Shiva said...

blogger meet this weekend is a instant success.. Kudos to the effort.

Arvind said...


anything for such 3 hour non-stop-fun :-)

Ram.C said...

good that you enjoyed your meet, guys....

atb, for your future meets as well.

Praveen said...

DC meet-layum gals laethu? :)

Sriks said...

yow!..i am jelous now. mariyadhaiya Aug 1st week one more meet plan pannunga
by then I can also talk the h1bees Aug15th is the scheduled release date. I need your help Hype it :)

ROBBIE'S idea of DCblogmatics my vote [can be renamed to BeltwayBlogomaniacs [BB] :)

sen said...

ganesh has keech keech, that's why ahem.

yes we also thought that we will have the next bloggers meet around aug 1st week,before your albumn release.

Arvind said...


Sure thing, we will meet and i can write a quick (p)review of your album, only this time around positively positive :-D


Enna, Ganesh ungaloda year peyar sorry punai peyar vechi ipdi Otirukkar avar blogla ?

Arvind said...


amaam, chudidhaar anindhu vandha blogger'e nu pada mudiyama pochu.... :-(

Gals ledha undhiya nu paaka ivlo blog hopping'a ?

Ganesh said...

praveen ;)
well it would have been interesting let say it would added more color towards the meeting he he!!

Arvind said...


Home ministry home la illa na, color kaekudha ungalukku ;)..... LOL

varanya varanya - Robbie, andha home ministry'ku indha comment konjam forward pannu ;)

ROBBIE said...

Sure arvind,
come august 14th and I will promptly inform the home ministry about the various discrepancies! haha!

ioiio said...

OT : I BR'd u

ROBBIE said...

I want you to visit the comments section of my recent blog ASAP. there is something important brewing. some nice ideas that need to be implemented.

Anand Ramamoorthy said...

Liked your post on self realisation. check out my blog
if you have the time to spare. i think the absolute cannot be known but can be intuited. guess you like philosophy and reflection
keep up the good work

Anand Ramamoorthy said...

thanks for your visit
I've blogrolled you
can't make it to the next bloggers meet cause I'm in chennai! post something on nihilism I want to see what you think of it!

Arvind said...

welcome anytime Anand ! :-)

indj said...

Hiya, just stumbled upon the site, a fellow DC area blogger. I'll have to check your blog more often - interesting takes.

I'd love to be involved in your next DC area blog meetup also.

-- Jay

Arvind said...

Hi Jay,

Sure please watch out this space for the announcement about the next bloggers meet.

And yes, do dig out the archives, if you don't find a national treasure, i promise, you'll find it atleast rational :-))