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Thursday, July 28, 2005

Music Blast - Behind the Scenes

We all listen to music - either man-made or nature-made. How many of us have been part of 'behind-the-scenes' of a man-made album ?

I got lucky this week, when i had a chance to sit-in on the recording of Sriks' new album H1BEES

Man, was it not so much fun ? to watch up-close all the gadget-wizardy, singers in their cabins, humming out their portions. Wow it was really spell-binding.

They were working on the re-lyric'ing and re-mixing yester-year super-hit song. It was so hep and lyrics had a nice modern-day adaptation to it. The music was quite peppy and current !

Looks like Sriks is inspired by his thalaivar ARR, there was so much improvization that was part of the game. You can see creativity flowing when a sudden-idea is born and they re-do some of the parts to fit-in with the new thoughts.

All in all - can't wait to hear the album when it is out - rumour mill has it that, it will be first week of september.

Can't wait to write a review :-)


Raman said...

Lucky you dude. Got a sneak preview eh! Can't wait to listen to it and then read your review ...

Arvind said...

yeah dude , sure will write a small review :-)

Kasthuri Srinivasan said...

Cool Arvind. I guess that's a nice opportunity. Will definitely read u'r review of album.

Eshwar said...

kewl dude. So whence u singin.

ioiio said...

u lucky!!!

Arvind said...

Thanks watch out - early September it will be


"So whence u singin. " - When someone believes my singing is worth the 'risk' ;)

Heck yes :-)

Sriks said...

Arvind, thanks for taking time to visit and thanks for this nice Blog :)

Arvind said...


Thank you ! Looking forward to enjoying more from your stable ! :-)

ioiio said...

Heck yes.. do ppl use this.. I've only heard "hell ya"

SamY said...

and why mention his (shriks) thalaivar ... as if not ur's dhadha :p ...

as for if its worth the risk? ... ryu saying u'd probably end up impressing a lota ppl?

Eshwar said...

So its Arvi the accidental singer !!??

Arvind said...


Heck yes.. do ppl use this.. I've only heard "hell ya"

heck yes :P


well, the focus here is on Sriks' album, hence ;)

"So its Arvi the accidental singer !!?? "
As long the singer does not cause accidents it is fine ;) :-))