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Sunday, April 10, 2005

[Book Watch] Engaging India - follow up

Finally, when all diplomats were 'warming up' to the idea of US-India relationship, some or other crises keep popping up to distract the US from 'Engaging India' - the book in one line.

(Find my earlier post on initial thoughts about 'Engaging India'

One is glad to read how the US Administration wanted to 'constructively' converse with India and how the various Indian administrations like PNVR, IK Gujral, Vajpayee wanted to reciprocate it. However, the book still oozes the sensation that, but not for the 'aNu guNdu', the world's largest democratic nation would not have been remotely on the radar of the inimitable super power.

It makes for an intersting read, quite lively, balanced and sometimes, gives you a 'behind-the-scene' look at how the Kargil war was dealt with.

Verdict : Nice read for folks interested in political/international affairs.

1 comment:

Eshwar said...

nothing seems to have changed dude...the us is either totally distracted or too involved...like the present - we will help india become a global power, thingy !!