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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Say What ? Idly ?

Next time you pose for a picture, why dont you try saying Idly ?

This salivatingly politically correct idea is sure not mine, but i don't think Priest Ramesh of NJ would mind me writing about it.

Recently, i attended my cousin's housewarming ceremony at NJ. Here is where I met Priest Ramesh. Ofcourse, with digicams around - clicks galore. Suddenly, the priest exclaimed 'Say Idly' when we were clicking - the guests burst into impromptu laughter making for a nice picture.

Not sure whether the suddenness of the remark brought the smiles. Couple of people in the group apparently tried it out themselves, that too in front of a mirror and came back with affirmation of 'Yes, Idly does bring smile on your face', which did not fail to bring another round of laughter.

Is it the pleasure of thinking about Idly or the novelety of the idea or it just works well and what more, with a native touch.....hmmm interesting.

Talking of Idlies - IMHO milagai podi (a.k.a kaara podi) makes for a better combo than sambhar. and ofcourse, the coconut chutney to go along with it..... yumm interesting.

So long.....