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Friday, April 15, 2005

Marma Desam....Indra Soundarajan

Marma Desam debuted with 'Ragasiyam' - produced by KB & story by Indra Soundarajan and became a runaway hit amongst the TV audience. The concept of Ragasiyam was novel by Indian TV standards. Then came 'Vidadhu Karuppu' (a.k.a Vittuvidu Karuppa)

Ragasiyam was about the 'maragadha lingam' & 'siddhargal'. 'Vittuvidu...' is about the 'Karuppanasami' punishing all the baddies in the town. 'Yendira Paravai' (sorry eludes my memory now - *Thanks samy for correcting it*) was about 'Boomerangs'.

The hallmark of his stories are the delicate mix of mystery & mystique of super-human acts.

I liked Vittuvidu Karuppa very much. When i went to India this time around, I literally had to run from pillar to post to get a copy of the book. I went to a local used-book shop and picked up some other books by Indra and it did not fail to please me.

As spoken elsewhere, the use of 'fear' as deterrent has been a very commonly used approach to exert control/regulate the behavior of people.

Sometime in the future, planning to write more in detail about how 'fear' has figured in the scheme of things in man's social life for a long time.

BTB, the biggest drawback is his (yes, it is him) penchant for introducing totally irrelevant english passages, awefully bad english. (Well, am not a english supremacist, no-one necessarily demands him to write in English)

Having read 4 of his novels (including short stories) i will definitely feel comfortable buying/recommending mystery books by him

Happy reading.....


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Doctor Bruno said...


If you are a fan of Indira Soundarajan, you can help expanding this page
I started that in WIKIPEDIA

By the way the book "Vittuvidu Karuppa" is available as two volumes of a pocket novel called CRIME STORY..... it cost about 20 rupees....
Sri Aishwarya Publications
Crime Story
77/1 Madavaram High Road
Opp to Gandhi Park, Perambur
Chennai - 600011



Arvind said...

Thanks, I got a new copy from i forget which padippagam at t.nagar


SamY said...

nice to recollect all this ... :)

Arvind said...

:-) Samy

Subashree said...

I am a fan of Indira Soundarrajan. I started reading incidently his novels from the small book but now I do not want to miss anything of his scripts. And I believe in all the concepts he tries to convey in the same sense as he does. Would like to meet him some time. I reside in Chennai now. I am a medical transcriptionist.

Arvind said...

Great to know Shree ! :-)

shree said...

Aravind, which is your home town?

Arvind said...

Chennai :-)

Shree said...

Anybody of you believe in rebirth and the other concepts like palmistry, astrology etc..?

Manoj said...

I need this novel "Kannigal Ezhupaer" by Indra soundarajan can someone help me and tell where i can get it?

Subhashree said...

You can get it from Aishwarya Publications, Chennai. If you want I can give you the phone number and address tomorrow.

Manoj said...

yes. Please give me the phone number. Either post it here or email me manojtc@gmail.com

Arvind said...


Do keep us posted with the review of the novel :-)

Manoj said...

"Kannigal Ezhupaer" is a gripping novel guys. It is about 7 angels (sapthakannigal). How their temples in a village were destroyed and how the temples are restored by incarnations of the sapthakannigal themselves. Smooth yet interesting turning points. And as usual indhra's philosophies are intriguing. I read the first four and i couldn't get the other three. That's why i need Sri Aishwarya Publications phone number. Subashreeeeeeee give it fast.

Manoj said...

Arvind at least you tell me which publisher in t.nagar

Arvind said...


Sorry, i may have forgotten the place..i think it is 'thirumagal padipagam'.

But i know where it is. It is next to the Tirumala Tirupthi Devas. office. one small/old building. There is also an ATM next to the building


Anonymous said...

I am extremely sorry manoj for not responding to your query. I had many problems and did not browse for long. anyway I can give you today the address of the publications.

Sree Aishvarya Publication,
Crime Story,
77/1, Madhavaram Highway,
Opposite to Gandhi Park,
Chennai - 11.

Phone No: 044-25512661.
Ok? These details are taken from the latest book "Ezham Kanni". If any more confusions you can write to me. Once again, sorry for the delay.


Manoj said...

Thanks a lot.

sivaraj said...

i waswatching marmadesam(Vittuvidu Karuppa) in raj tv 9.30pm it was realy nice but their must praise director NAGA also,
but they took off th serial suddenly ,
but from here i heard it is story ,i was annoyed i cant completly watch full serial ,thank for saying it is story,i will try to get the book ,its amazing how helpful blog is once again thank you sir

Arvind said...

Anytime, Sivaraj

Priya said...

Indira Sounderajan is my mothers cousin - he is definitely a talented writer and a very hard worker. Bruno - I will add on details about him in wiki.

Arvind said...


Wow thats nice to know - now to insider info - any specific references to his personal best ?

also, can we get Rahasiyam serial somewhere in US - as book or tape, cd etc ?

Anonymous said...

hi.. i am meena(Chartered accountant) settled in Bangalore. My only pass time is reading Indira Sowndarrajan sir's novels. If anyone cold mail his e-mail address i shall be very thankful.

MEENA said...

i find this website very interesting. I wish to share that i have read almost all the novels of Indraji published after 1996.
I would say his master piece is "Aindu vazhi.. moondru vaasal". The most apt story to be made as a movie.. ofcourse with good starcast.

Arvind said...

Thanks Meena for sharing....

Manikandan said...

Where can i can get marma desam cds

Santhosh said...

Where can i can get marma desam cds

Raja said...

Hello Arvind,
After a very long time, i am excited to read about indira soundarajan. I've could not recall his name for the last couple of hrs. I read all his books when i was in india.I met him in madurai, and talked to him for couple of min without knowing thatz indra soundarajan. funny thing is i was having his novel "Aindu vazhi.. moondru vaasal" in hand but i didnot know thatz indira. unlucky..
anyway he is great author.

Nice to read abt him after a while.


rajie said...


dis is rajie,

i am da fan of indira sounderajan, i hve da collection of his Kannigal Ezhuper, am in bangalore,

i need his work on Siddhargal, how can i get???

is there any sale in online????

Anonymous said...

hai this is manimozhi from Japan.
im a greatset fan of the author....could anyone tell me the complete list of his writings from the start to till date....and also anyway to get these books online

Arvind Srinivasan said...

Manikandan, santhosh,

I don't have any clue - if you find some info about the same - kindly share.


Yes he is a talented writer indeed

Rajie, Manimozhi,

The only info am aware of is, you can buy these books at TNagar near Tirupathi Tirumala Devasthanam.

Anonymous said...

Hi i am soundharaya from Singapore, can any one give me the email id of Mr. indira soundarajan.


Anonymous said...

AWOW ME IM A GRETA FAN OF INDIRA SOUNDARAJAi have lot of books of this autor all stories r very interstg and i buy it in my countrie in farnce it very expensive than india but i really like so i cant expect his books .i really like rutraveenai marmadesam vidada karupu and tedade tolaindu povai really fantastik i love all of his stories

see u friends

srinath said...

hi i need RAGASIYAM serial torrent or book.. where ll it be available

Iswarya said...

I am reading Indra Soundarajan's novel for the past six months. And recently I read 'Sivamayam'. It was really good, but only thing was I could not understnad the ending. Anyone has an axplanantion on that.

Anonymous said...

i saw marmadesam(ragasiam) very recently in techsatish.com
very good thriller. would like to read more of indra Soundarajan novels.

Rajesh said...


This is Rajesh from chennai.Great to hear from many people..Can we get indra's stories in net by any chance.Also I wud like to hear from anyone who knows best site for thriller stories, thuppariyum naval, pei stories...


akshara said...

hi all,
i saw marmadesam part 1( about navapashanam and lingas of sitharpatti) i wa strully impressed by the story but the worst case is i could not watch the end and who is behind all these. I could watch only upto 69 episodes and its is really mind blowing to know the end. can any of you tell me the end of
it, and also the site where i can watch it. Are the books available for sale thru online, I recently moved to New Jersey from Chennai.



Babu said...

Hi iswarya,

I too read the sivamayam book last weekend. Absolutely, good one it is. There are lot more to come. The next part of the book has not yet published, but what i heard is it will be there soon.

shriprasanna said...


you can watch entire episode of marmadesam at rajshri

prasanna said...

Hi... Im also a great fan of indira and read all his novels.. I like more the way how he drives the synopsis before each chapter. can any one say which link we can get his novels on net??

Anonymous said...

Hi , Could some please tell where i could get his books online??

PDF' or docs/


vi said...

I just love Indira soundar rajan's

The novel of him that i like very much is "Iindhu vazhi mundru vasal"

Manikandan said...

Can someone tell me where can i get cd's of Marma desam. vidathu karrupu and siva mayam

Thamarai kannan.k said...

i am thamarai kannan.k from nagapattinam. I am a great fan of indra soundharajan. I read his many novels like PALLAVAN PANDIYAN BASKARAN, MANDIRA VIRAL, ABAAYA MALLI, KANNIGAL YEZHU PAER, MAHA DEVA RAGASIYAM, VIKRAMA VIKRAMA, MARAHADHA LINGAM, VAIRA BOMAI,ARAMANAI RAGASIYAM, KAANBHADHELAM UNMAI, THEN KIZHAKU MINNAL, SORNA REHAI, 8 SAKTHIS.etc., i think his master piece is 'pallavan pandiyan baskaran'. Friends mail me at kthamaraikannan365@gmail.com. We can share. Bye

Anonymous said...

i am a great fan of Mr.Indira soundarajan, Is the great serial of Chidambara ragasiyam is available in book format? where i will get? what is the publishers address and phone number? if anybody knows please inform me. at muthukumar2@gmail.com

rajie said...


here is the list of indra soundarajan works,AS I COLLECTED

2. USHH!

these are the pocket size novels , you people can get it from

Sri Aishwarya Publications
Crime Story
77/1 Madavaram High Road
Opp to Gandhi Park, Perambur
Chennai - 600011
Tel : 044 - 2551 2661.



Anonymous said...

I am after a 'thodarkadhai' by Indira Soundararajan. It was published in AnadaVikatan's 75th year anniversary. I can't remember the name. It could be 'Pallavan Pandian Baskaran'. Could anyone help me with it?


Selva said...

Selva here....

Glad to see the existence of fans for my fav Indra Soundarajan.
I stil remember the days when Marma Desam-1and2 was telecasted and upto my knowledge my whole area used to look forward for the serial every week.
Then I started to collect his novels and finally I got 150 tiles of Indira Soundarajan.(but the size of the book and font are small...also the paper quality is poor...Now I'mplanning to collect his novels published by some good publishers)and DVD's.
Also I came to know that all Indira Soundarajan serials which was telecasted long back is now out in DVD,s (check rajshri.com)but I dont see an option to buy it.Once I find a soln for this I will definitely post it here.

A Gift for all Indira Soundarajan Fans....checkthis site


(you'll find novels by Balakumaran, Ramani Chandran, Sujatha, Indira Soundarrajan, Sivasankari, Anuradha Ramanan, Kavignar Mu. Metha)

you can order the books and u'll recieve it thro courier(mode of payment is thro DD,cheque, ICICI acc transfer)

What are you waiting for guys....order the books and enjoy and dont forget to keep in touch with me

(My fav are Ragasiyam,Vittuvidu Karuppa,Sorna Regai,Sorna Jaalam, and his masterpeices "Aindu vazhi.. moondru vaasal" and "Rudhra Veenai"(this one slightly differs from the version telecasted on TV) which will take ur imagination to the next level....This can be definitely made as movie or a mega serial...and I would suggest Naga to direct it)

Waiting for replies from all Indra Soundarajan fans

Disclaimer: I'm not the owner of the site mentioned above, got it by surfing and publishing it here in favour of all Indra Soundarajan fans


Padma said...

Its nice to see soo many fans of my fav author..,

U get get books from www.udumalai.com., there are a collection of books from many authors.,
They ship to many countries world wide.,
nice reading to all

Anonymous said...

For Indira Soundarajan / Naga fans -

My Gift -


You get all serials....without any disturbance watch your favourite serials....Download it....put in ipod and enjoy your travel.


Anonymous said...

I collected all his short stories and novels. If anyone require the same i have it in PDF format :) Will post it.


Selva said...

You're my MAN Annamalai....Please post all Indira Soundarajan Novels in PDF format, especially the following novels(use megashare.com/rapidshare.com to upload files)
>>Kottaipurathu Veedu
>>5vazhi 3vaasal
>>Story of an Ichadhari Snake(cant remember the title)

Your contribution would become a valuable asset to all Indira Soundarajan fans like me.

Thanks in Advance.


A R said...


Can you please send the pdf's to adarsh.401@gmail.com .

Thanks in advance.

Anonymous said...

Annamalai, if u have the novels in pdf format can u plz send to my email charmed_the32003@yahoo.com. if possible plz send
kannigal ezhu per
rudra veenai. tq

Jaisingh Raja said...


I am Jaisingh Raja.
I want a song from the sivamayam teleserial, which is broadcast in 2004-05. Kandare kanathatha kandare.... nice song about sithars. But i search for this song in the net. there is no links to get it. Plz.. help me.. thanks in advance

prabhu said...

Hi annamalai,

Could you please send me the pdf formats of indira soundarajan novels(all u have).my id is prabhu.2878@rediffmail.com

Anonymous said...

Hi can u kindly send pdf files to hotracer4u@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

Hi Annamalai

Please send pdf copes to yourmaster@sify.com

Thank you

Anonymous said...

Hi Annamalai

Please send pdf copies to pt.saravanan@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

Dear Annamalai

Pls send the pdf form of Indira Soundar Rajan novels to geetha25@in.com. I am a great fan of his novels. I am living in Mumbai, so we won't get them here like Tamilnadu. Thanks in advance.

Geetha. T

Anonymous said...

Hi all,
Could any one of you share the pdf files of Indra Soundararajan Novels.
If so pls do email to pt.saravanan@gmail.com

Sathish Subramani said...

If anybody have Indira sir's novel as PDF, pls send it to my mail id


or send me link to download it.

Thanks in advance.

Thirumalai said...

hello guys,
if anybody have the novels in pdf pls send it to my id-tkoneri@gmail.com.

Thirumalai said...

if anybody have the pdf copies pls send it to my id-tkoneri@gmail.com

Thirumalai said...

pls send the pdf files to my id-tkoneri@gmail.com

swaathy said...

hi frends...can u pls send me the pdf files...i will be thankful 2 u..my mail id is swaathy.info@gmail.com...swaathy

swaathy said...

hi frends...can u pls send me the pdf files...i will be thankful 2 u..my mail id is swaathy.info@gmail.com...swaathy

Anonymous said...

hai..do u guys know bout edhuvum nadakkum series under marma desam on tv?how can i get this book?whats d title of the book?

jaganes said...

hi guys ,this is jaganes frm malaysia
,anyone got Indira Soundarajan novel
edhuvum nadakkum series novel -vaanathu manitharghal in pdf
plzz mail me .thx


Anonymous said...

Hi Annamalai,

Please send me the pdf copies to sathishmouse@gmail.com

Nanda said...

Hi Annamalai,

Can you please send the PDF's of short stories & novels of Indra Soundarajan to nandakumaran_p@yahoo.com.
Thanks in advance.

Anonymous said...


can anyone pls. post aindu vazhi moondru vasal pdf?

Anonymous said...

hi annamalai,

can u pls. send 5vazhi 3vasal pdf to ambriesh2001@yahoo.com?

ragu said...

Mr.annamalai sir,
can u pls send me ainthu vazhi moonru vasal in pdf to ragunath3252@gmail.com

suganya said...

Has anyone read Sivam?

arun said...

mr.annamalai,can u plz send all the pdfs 2 this mail- arunrajphoenix@gmail.com plz plz am damn fan f dos novels....

Brad said...

Dear Mr Annamalai,

Please send me the PDF story of Mr.Indra Soundarajan. I am fan of him. A year back i have moved from Chennai to Gulf until then i used to read all tamil novel esp i won't miss noval of Mr.Indra. If you have any online link to subscribe, please post i will be willing to subscribe.

My mail id is rajanbadrinath@gmail.com

Anonymous said...


Please send me the novels @ nandakumar.raman@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

If you guys have a DVD or cd of Marmadesam, please let me know if i can have a copy or if i can get it.
Mail me back at

Anonymous said...

~~~Good News to India Fans~~~

Since Indira Soundarrajan novels are not available in the internet as ebooks/pdf etc...I'm posting 2 reliable Online traders to purchase our fav Indira's novels, where almost all his novels are available here(i personally ordered novels from both of them and got the books without any issue) If you guys have anything abt Indira, pls share it here.....Enjoy!!!



(Waiting to collect his TV serials in DVD format..pls let us know if its available anywhere)


sudharshan said...

RajshriTamil.com has free streaming of the following serials
1. Marma Desam (Ragasiyam)
2. Vidathu Karuppu
3. Sorna Regai
4. Eduvum Nadakkum

vasantha said...

Hai annamalai please post indira soundarrajan pdf format to me my mail is ganesan.gnsh@gmail.com please send it i am waiting for it for a long time...............

Anonymous said...

hey guys

this is rk,
could u plz get me the sivamayam serial song download link plz plz...
Kandare kanathatha kandare. song really a good one or just give me some in formation to get tat
i'm waiting


Receipes which I Love said...

Mr. Annamalai,
Please send the PDF format book to my email id. vrangana@gmail.com

RajeshKumar said...

Hi Mr. Annamalai,

I am a great die hard fan of IndiraSoundarajan. Could you mail the the PDF novels to my email sambumagan@gmail.com

Sabby said...

If any of the friends commented here or the blog owner could send me the Indra sir novels....please..to my id

suresh said...

Hi Annamali. How r u. Ca you pls send me the pdf files of Indira soundarajan novel to the following id. s.suresh81@live.com. Till i was in india i read most of his creations. but after comming bahrain i have no chance to get not even singe book. if you send pdf file of his collection, i will be very much thank full to you. Thanks in advance for sending the pdf formate files of his novels.

thank you


kulo said...

Hi Annamalai,

Can you please send the PDF files of Indira Soundararajan novels to this email account. thanks a lot


Arvind Srinivasan said...

Dear Annamalai,

If you have the PDF's please send it to me, I will post it on the blog, so that all the fans can enjoy.


Avinash said...

Dear Mr Annamalai,
i am a great fan of Indira Soundarajan. i want to read his collection, but i do not have access to them. can you please send me his collections in pdf format to avinasa89@gmail.com . i will greatly appreciate it.thanx!

Adi said...

Thank you for sharing.
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ramya said...

Hi Annamalai,
Kindly send me some novels of Mr.Indra Soundarajan.I would be much thankful to you.I am an ardent fan of Indraji.Plz.....My mail id is ramyakanagaraj@yahoo.co.in

sktb4u said...


I am a new person to read indira sountharajan's novel. I don have time to go and buy books from shop. So could u pls send me some thriller novels to my mail id as pdf pls.

My mail id is sktb4u@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

Hi Everybody,

IF any one of u have his novels in PDF format please do send to my mail ID divi1985_pan@hotmail.com, as i am his Die Hard Fan.

Balamurugan said...

Hi Annamalai/friends,

Can you please send Indira Soundarrajan's novels to s_bala1979@yahoo.com or balas.prabu@gmail.com

Arun RB said...

Hi Guys,

I am Great fan of Mr Indira Soundarajan.

If you get the Pdf of his excelent novels or books, Please send me below Email.


Thanx in Advance.......

RENU said...

hi frnds....
i becam great fan of MR.Indra Soundarajan.
First book i read was "MARAGADALINGAM"...
really sooo super....
now im all collecting the books of him...nw im having MAYAVIZHIGAL,ADU MATUM RAGASIYAM,MUDAL SAKTHI,NANDHI RAGASIYAM....
read and then feel abt his story....
sry , i cant say its a story, thr r lot of real things in his novel...

Anonymous said...

Hi, could somebody send me Indira Sir's novels in pdf format to the below mail ID, pls:

srikirthi said...


I am fan of Indira Soundararajan Novels. Could you please send PDF files of his novels to my id


RENU said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sujatha said...

Hi Annamalai, i am a great fan of indira soundarrajan. Eagarly looking for his novels. I m not in india, so i cant buy from shop. can you please send the novels pdf format to my ID sujatha_sep27@yahoo.co.in.
Thanks in Advance

Srinivasa Raghavan said...

Hello Annamalai,

If you have the PDF for Vaanathu manithargal by Indra Soundarjan, please email it to ts8825_rag@yahoo.com

I watched the edhuvum nadakkum serial and since it never ended, I would like to read the novel to know the ending. Since none of the online bookstores carry that book, it would be really good if you can email me the PDF of the book or atleast post how the story ends.



Miqdad said...

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sktb4u said...


am Divya. I am great fan Indira Soundarajan. I would like to read his novel in ebook. SO could u pls send me some of his books as pdf or doc format.

My mail id is sktb4u@gmail.com

shri said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

AnnaMalai ........ I am great fan of Indira Soundarajan.........good to know you have his novels in PDF.......please send them to following Mail-ID: nhr.arshad@gmail.com.....Advance Thanks........

Arshad said...

Man Annamalai......i need those Indira Soundarajan Novels in PDF....would be a great help to me.....please send it to folowing Mail ID - nhr.arshad@gmail.com

Arshad said...


I am fan of Indira Soundararajan Novels. Could you please send PDF files of his novels to my id


S.Saravanan said...

Hello Friends,
I am living in Qatar. Recently I bring a novel collection of 'VIKRAMA VIKRAMA' from a old book stall in my my native (Dindigul). That was a monthly novel collection written by Indraji and published by GA Publications and they were released as Pocket Novels.
After reading the 16 parts I found that I am missing the 17th part which is the last episode.
If any one of you is having it as a PDF format, please send that to saravan2401@yahoo.com

devi said...


I am devi... Love to read books especially indra's books...Something special in it...

new said...


this is dhivya i could see the following novels at


Sujatha meedum Jeeno
Sujatha Sri rangathu Devathaigal
Sujatha En iniya Endira
Kalki Parthiban Kanavu
Kalki Kirushnamoorthy-Sivakamiyin Sabatham
Kalki -Mohini Theevu
Kalki -Thiyaaga Poomi
Kalki Alai Osai
Kalki Solaimalai iIlavarasi
Kalki Ponniyin Selvan
Jeyakaanthan-Siru Kathaigal - complete collection
Sujatha arisi
Sujatha Curfew
Sujatha Eldorado
Sujatha Enge en vijai

Shankar said...

Hi Ppl,

Can somebody send me book collection of Indira Soundarajan in pdf format or donwload links to my mail id sankar_1@yahoo.com

Anonymous said...

Here is the official website of Crime Story with Indira Soundarajans Novel lists with exclusive package for fans


(All the book sare available at very less price)


Anonymous said...

Hi Annamalai,

Can you please send me the PDFs of Indira Soundarajan's work to my id.


srinivasan said...

I do not comment on his writtings ,but when i read his novels and short stories, i am not at all impresed . See, iam not blaming on him. He may be a sucessful seller ,no doubt, but i can not admire the writters like Ku. Alagirisamy, Thi .Janakiraman,R.Sudamani,Ku.pa.Rajagopalan, Sujatha...

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone,
I love Indira soundararajan's novels. Could someone post his novels in pdf format to my mail id?
Mail id is vigneshwar.18@gmail.com


Anonymous said...

Hi annamalai
I would be glad if you could send me the pdf files of Indira saundararajan novels.


Khannan said...


I am new to this forum.

I started watching Naaga's serials and got stuck in "Edhuvum Nadakkum" that was based on the book 'Vaanathu Manidhargal' by Indira Sounderajan.
Searching for further episodes/story led me to this place.

It would be great if a anyone could send me the novel in pdf to my email id : khanna_unni@yahoo.com

Thank you in advance,

Sarojini said...


I am a great fan of Writer Indra Soundarajan from Malaysia. I have read most of his books and still searching for his books to read. I just finished reading his Sorna Ragasiyam Part 1 & 2. Its really really interesting.

Sarojini Japal

sktb4u said...

Hi am Divya. Hope u all remember me. I have planned to buy indira soundarajan's whole book package from palsuvai novel. If u too wanna get all those books at cheap rate. Contact me through mail. My mail id is sktb4u@gmail.com


Anonymous said...

i am a great fan mr.indira sountharajan. i would like to know his email id. could you help me??

Radhika said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Radhika said...


I recently started reading Indira Soundarrajan's novels. I have become his ardent fan for his writing specially the one's related to Lord Siva(Sivamayam(Part 1 & 2), Kannigal ezhuper. I also saw a note in this blog asked by Rajie as to where to get this book on Kannigal Ezhuper. This is available in Just Books (Library) in Bangalore(Indira Nagar Branch).

ganesh said...

Hii.,,, I need to see edhuvum nadakum (vaanathu manithargal) serial..
But i cudnt find it anywhr..
Can any1 help me??

Sarav... said...


If anyone has Indira Soundararajan's novels in pdf format, please do send it to me.

My id : talk2sarav@gmail.com


Vinuppriyan said...

If anybody have Indira Soundararajan's novels in pdf format, please send it to me.

My e-mail id is vinuppriyan@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

Hi Annamalai

I would be glad if you could send me the pdf files of Indra soundarajan's novels. agnes5584@gmail.com


mysore mallika said...

I'm having some novels of Indira Soundarrajan & also Sujatha.. Some small novels of Rajeshkumar too.. If anybody interested please mail me xavier_raja_2008@yahoo.com

PS: Also list out the novels that you have with you.

Recruiter said...


I have watched almost 80% of Marma Dhesam Part 1 (sivalingam) 10 years ago.I am glad most of the beginners starred in the serial are well established now.After 10 years I still feel lots of respect for the author, director and everyone contributed to success of this serial.

I'm very eager to know the ending.
I'm currently located in France.
Plz mail me where I can view the serial.I couldn't locate it in the mentioned website.If anyone has the DVD kindly contact me at prakashpj82@yahoo.com

Anonymous said...

hi annamalai,
pls send ur novels to this mail id
sar1281@rediffmail.com. Thanks a lot. Really it wil help us.

Manimozhiyan said...

Hi Annamalai,
please, forward the pdf formats of indira soundarajan novels to my mail id. amm1207@gmail.com


Marimuthu said...

Hi Annamalai,
please, forward the pdf formats of indira soundarajan novels to my mail id. muthua85@yahoo.co.in

Marimuthu said...

Hi Annamalai,
please, forward the pdf formats of indira soundarajan novels to my mail id. muthua85@yahoo.co.in

Anonymous said...


If anyone got Indira Soundarajan's books in PDF format, kindly send it to my email ID melbraghu@yahoo.com.au. Your help is very much appreciated

Anonymous said...


If you have Indira Soundarajan's books in PDF format, kindly send it to my email. My ID is melbraghu@yahoo.com.au

Anonymous said...

Some books can be found in this link


Suresh said...

I am a fan of Indira soundarajan novels, please send me a copy at sureshkumar78@yahoo.com

Anonymous said...

hi everyone,
i had a wonderful opportunity of meeting him in chennai in a temple., what struck me was his humility and patience in listening to me speaking 19 to the dozen.
my fav pastime is reading and rereading his books., currently rereading his book on sapthakanni's.

all u out there take care.

god bless

priya srinivasa rao

Anonymous said...

hi everyone,
i had a wonderful opportunity of meeting him in chennai in a temple., what struck me was his humility and patience in listening to me speaking 19 to the dozen.
my fav pastime is reading and rereading his books., currently rereading his book on sapthakanni's.

all u out there take care.

god bless

priya srinivasa rao

Anonymous said...

Hi Mr.Annamalai

I'll be thankful to you if you send me the SIVAMAYAM and VITTUVIDU KARUPPA to

Thank you.

Anonymous said...


If you have Indira Soundarajan's books in PDF format, kindly send it to my email. My ID is uvaaraj@gmail.com

Deiva Prakash said...

Dear Mr. Annamalai,

Can you kindly send the pdf formats of Mr.Indira Soundarajan Book to my mail id.
My mail id is - deivadhmct@yahoo.com

Deivaprakash - 9941449441

Anonymous said...

I saw all the serials on SUN TV. I do not know to read and write tamil. I am looking for translated books of the novels

spyglass said...

If you have Indira Soundarajan's books in PDF format, kindly send it to my email. My ID is spyglass619@gmail.com

raghu said...

Please send me indra soundarrajan novels in PDF. MY email rahuveer_indian@yahoo.co.in

NightFox said...

Hi Annamalai,

Please send me the indra soundarajan novels to my mail id..


Parttime jobs said...

please upload indira soudarajan novels

online jobs said...

wow nice to see so meny fans of IS

Nawin21 said...

Hi... I'm Naveen... I'm dead fan oh the great Indra Ji. I started to read his books in the age of 15. I like all his books... Pls send me the books u have in pdf format to the following mail ids.


neotharan said...

Hi Annamalai,

Please send me the indra soundarajan novels to my mail id..


eshvarri prada said...

hi im Eshvarri Prada from Malaysia....im a fan of indra soundarajan...i wld like to know if anyone cld send his novels in pdf format to viknesrajan@gmail.com...pls im eagerly waiting as its very difficult to get his novels in malaysia...thanks in advance

Anonymous said...

Can anyone e-mail me the link or softcopy or rudra veenai serial pls???? E-mail is Amaravathy@hotmail.com

கண்ணன் ஜே நாயர் said...
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கண்ணன் ஜே நாயர் said...

Cn u pls send Kannigal Ezhu per pdf to kannanjayan2007@gmail.com ???

Ashok said...

Dear Annamalai,
I'm a die hard fan of Indraji,I dnt have his earlier works.

Pls send the pdf form of Indira Soundar Rajan novels to Ashok.kumar1015@rediffmail.com

I am located in Delhi, i find it difficult in collecting his novels.

Millions of Thanks in advance.

Anonymous said...

i am also fan of this great writer . nobody wrote about his novel rudhira vennai. it has also telecast as a serial. i forget the name of channel it published as a pocket novel as well as channel serial wonderful novel. it is four volumes and i got only 2&3rd at present

jey said...

hi arvind, i am looking for a indra soundarrajan novel i read a long time ago in vaaramalar. its about an atheist sculptor who makes idols in temple for a living but is staunchly atheistic. dont remember the name as it was a very long time ago.

Anonymous said...

can u plz send is sirs novel to

prasad said...

where could i find the novel " Vaanathu Manithargal". i missed tat.
plz inform me at contactlkprasad@gmail.com Prasad.

mazhai mazhai said...

Hi, there are too many books posted here.Can anyone please list the best of Indira Soundarajan.

Anonymous said...

Can any one send the link to download the pdf format of Indraji's Kannikal Ezhu Per & 5 vizhi 3 vasal please please please

Anonymous said...


Download Indira Soundarajan stories in PDF form from this link:




Anonymous said...

Could someone let me know where can I get "Vaanathu Manidhargal" . If someone is having a pdf, kindly send it to my email address "pondisenthil@gmail.com"

thanks in advance ,

Anonymous said...


Its gr8 to know that all are Indira Soundarajan's fans. I am his fan too.. You can download his books for free from http://thamizhthenee.blogspot.com/
You can find other author's novels too. Enjoy!


suria said...

Kindly Send the PDF format of Indraji novels to suryjay@gmail.com. Thanks - Suriya.

Anonymous said...

dear annamalai sir! please send me 5vazhi 3vaasal, vittuvidu karuppa, rudra veenai.... pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee..

Anonymous said...

annamalai sir!!!! please post me 5vazhi 3vaasal, rudra veenai, vittu vidu karuppa pdf to vishwaa.km@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

Annamalai Sir, can you pls send 'Rudra Veenai' novel to my email id which is sathiskumarkr@gmail.com. Thanks in advance.

Anonymous said...

hello annamalai sir,
im kaarthika from malaysia. im eagerly searching for 'vaanathu manithargal' and other books by Mr.indra. pls send me PDF format to my email add : kaarthika229@yahoo.com.my

thank you in advance

Anonymous said...


I am shanthi. I am searching for novel "vaanathu manithargal". If anybody having its PDF, please send it to my email: mailtoshandhiv@gmail.com . Thanks in advance...

Bala Sakthis said...

Hi Arvind,
Do watch these:



-- Bala

Anonymous said...

Guys, I live outside India and I have been searching for 'Vaanathu manidhargal' for quite a few years.
Sometimes I feel Indira sir never completed the novel and that may be the reason it is not available. When I was in India, I have searched a lot of high-profile and low-profile book stores for this novel with no luck.
Please tell me how to get a copy of it. I see lot of people give their email ids, but am never sure if anyone is sending anything to them. With the same hope as theirs, am giving mine :

If not everything, am very eager for 'Vaanathu Manidhargal'

Aravind said...

There is no novel called "Vaanathu Manidhargal". Due to broadcast and other issues the serial was stopped. Probably if anyone get a chance to communicate to Indra.ji, please tell him to write a novel on "Edhuvum Nadakkum".
From the unknown source, long time back i heard that the story was all about "mesmarisam" - Vaanaththu manidhargal are siththargal and the guy who was doing all these was Watcher Govindan. Thats why he couldnt the siththargal. When siva (DFO) sees the Bed/Paadai, he will start suspect his wife and his brother and try to kill both. I donno how far it is true. But it would be great if we get this beautiful story from Indira ji's style

Bala Sakthis said...

@Arvind: Nice to hear this plot and it will be interesting if Indra Sir releases the book. Thanks! for sharing the story.


A.V. Thamburaj said...

Indira Soundarajan's Marmadesam, Vidathu karuppu, Sourna regai,Iyanthira paravai, Rudraveenai are available @ youtube

hari said...


By any chance can you refer me where i can get "vanathu manithargal" book. please...

You can send me an email to haris.sampath@gmail.com

Thanks a lot in advance.....

kodijayaprakash said...

Hai I need the address, contact no and email of author Indira Soundarajan if any one be kind enough to mail to me kodijayaprakash@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

Hi Arvind,

Pls clarify: Watcher Govindan is mesmerizing people? and is he responsible for things? how do you say that? :)

And Yeah Siva uses hin gun suspecting his wife and his brother natti... So what happened in that scene is a suspense!! :)

I really wish we get to read the story!!

Anonymous said...

here u can get some og IS's novels...

Anonymous said...

hi, where i can get the novel vanathu manithargal in pdf. pls send to a.kkannan85@gmail.com

kannan thiyagarajan said...

Marma Desam Ragasiyam Tamil Tv Serial For Sale. ( All Episodes )

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Cell : 99765 70800

Anonymous said...

Hey all of you watch this...

Indira Soundarrajan sir's Interview


Anonymous said...

Vaanathu Manidhargal is coming in Dhina malar Vaara Malar (Sunday Edition) in Kumbakonam Area.. When I visited the place, I happen to read.. It will be greatful if someone from that are can post the story...

Any idea when Sir will be releasing this novel again?

Can someone tell how to contact Indira Soundarrajan Sir?

mathumathy said...


please send me sir's novel in pdf form.. longing to read his novels..



Anonymous said...

You can find Sir's novels at any lending library...
Buying a buy and reading is better than checking out PDF versions!!!!!

Anonymous said...

please visit this website

they are providing all IS books for 750


Anonymous said...

Pls Visit tamilbookcollection.blogspot.com for around 100 indra soundararajan novel

nirmala Gopal said...


Anonymous said...

hi, where i can get the novel vanathu manithargal in pdf. pls send to rameshgars@gmail.com

Vinodhini said...

Could anyone send me the PDF of Indira sounderrajan's Rudhra Veenai PART 2.. I'm starving to read it.. Literally it was a treat

Anonymous said...

@ all did Mr.annamali replied to any of you guys?


zarachocwalnut said...

Hii...do u have vanathu manithargal pdf format or books...if yes...pls kindly email me at mokshagurl_05@hotmail.com

I wish I can read this books...pls help me

Lakshmi said...

can anyone share writer Sri.Indira Soundarajan's address or phone number or where can i get that?

Bala Sakthis said...

வானத்து மனிதர்கள் is available now. Please check:


zarachocwalnut said...

Thank u sir...but im in Malaysia....is there any posibilities fr them send it over here?

Bala Sakthis said...

Hi zarachocwalnut,
Udumalai offers International Shipping also. Vaanathu Manidhargal is available for download. Someone has uploaded the scanned copy running to 400+ pages.

Please check: http://www.udumalai.com/faq.htm

You can try: http://www.udumalai.com/ragasiyamaga-oru-ragasiyam.htm

The novel version of Ragasiyam. Though, I haven't tried it. I am planning to buy soon.


r parthasarathy said...

Dear Sir,
The great author INDRA SOUNDIRARAJAN wrote eight books on ASTA MAHA SIDDIS. One among them is THIRUVANNAMALAI, I want to read all of them. Can you suggest the titles so that I can buy and also mention the publishers. I will be grateful to you if you send them to mail id srirangam0016@gmail.com


sir i read the book thoda thoda thangam by indra soundrarajan sir. the book was tear from 381. can any one post this pages. maid id minu5018@yahoo.com

ravinmpt said...

What is the novel full name from which marmadesam ragasiyam serial was made?

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