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Saturday, April 02, 2005


Too many organizations these days have a policy of 'diversity' i.e. they have 'healthy' mix of people from different 'communities'.

A tangential jump, India is always called, and rightly so, mother of all diversities. Think of it, there are 14 official languages. All one needs to do is to travel 500 kilometers from where they are, and will find themselves in a place with a different native language. God! is that not so weird.

that brings me to the question - what is the 'real thing' that makes us all unite under the same roof 'Indians' ?

I am searching for answers. Eswar pointed out that, we have a common culture/religious background. We have same festivals(would rather call it similar) similar beliefs.

Nice place to start... YOUR ideas would actually be helpful.

'What are the things that you identify as common across all Indians, what do you think unites us all, despite such linguistic differences'

Thanks !

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