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Thursday, April 14, 2005

Does Zero tell you anything ?

Does Zero tell you anything ? Yes, zero the number '0'. It sure does tell a lot about mathematics, about computers etc

We all know in this world, everthing is 'relative' and hence nothing is 'absolute'. Whatever we measure, quantify, qualify is with reference to 'something'. How many times have we realised that the 'reference' point is indeed zero, or, to be more precise, that zero is 'THE REFERENCE' point

Think of it, 'success' can be expressed as factor of failure as 'failure of failure' but 'failure' can not be expressed as factor of success. Likewise 'presence' can be expressed by a factor of 'absence' and not the other way around.

The thing zero 'symbolises' is the 'emptiness'/'absence'/'void'. Anything and everything in this world can be expressed from one end of the spectrum to the other. Nonetheless, everything has no meaning but for the existence of 'non-existence'. How ironical.

Having come thus far as to theory of non-existence, what exactly is 'THE REFERENCE' point or 'non-existence' ? is 'non-existence' the ONE & ONLY EXISTENCE ? is that what we seek to realise ? is that what we glorify via multitude of religions ? is that what we all forget ? is that what we all choose to conveniently ignore ?


In love with Assidy said...

The reference point is inconcievable. if you like philosophy of religion and epistemology, you should read Thomas Aquinas' writings. Aquinas has laid out many theories for the existence of this world, among which the FIRST among the FIRST is what he elaborates on. take for example a a couple of balls adjacent to each other. the first ball moves the second and the second, the third and so on and so forth. the mover? what/who is it/he?

interesting enough issue to ponder and mull over :-)

Arvind said...

Cool :-)

I sure will look up Aquinas. Any specific work ? a google brought many results(Summas were the prominent ones).

Yes, the message was to convey that reference point i.e. non-existence is the only existence and hence by its very nature, not comprehensible :-)

Kasthuri Srinivasan said...

Interesting. Our upanishads speak about this. About reference point, who is God etc. Moreover, if you are interested in religion, Swami Vivekananda's works should be ideal. He explains what is religion, its goal etc. According to me, he is the first person to spread the message of Vedanta which will perfectly appeal to a rational logical and intellectual mind.

Arvind said...

Sure, i have briefly glanced at some of his ideas :-)

Thanks for the reference yet again :-)

localhost said...

arvind: can't stop but muse at the thot of " we all moving towards non-existence" - well said! ...
when i wrote my post, i thot i was the only one to write on this topic...silly me ;-)
btw, to your question: it was not near tambaram, but West Mambalam....!
thanks for stopping by...Keep visiting...

Arvind said...

Cool, you can check out some of my other philosophical rants too...all connected via this

re:chem teacher, there shd be many by that name i guess :-)







Arvind said...

Thanks Ananthakrishnan Radhakrishnan