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Wednesday, April 20, 2005


Cartoons are wonderful way of expressing your thoughts - humour, anger, satire, sadness, ideas, ridicule, and much more.

Even though i don't go fishing for cartoons, the one that i used to regular watch out for were

1) Hindu's Keshav - don't think he actively does cartoons for them anymore - but he rarely failed to drive home the point. The best i remember was, when PNVR was in power, he used to be very slow/patient in acting to the extent of not resolving many issues, this was potrayed very nicely by a cartoon, in which PNVR is the boxing refree - and one guy is down on the floor and pVNR starts couting down, 10,9,8.....,0, -1, ....., -120,-121 etc...... that was lovely

2) Scott Adam's Dilbert, ofcourse the subject of dilbert's comedy gives Scott a wide scope. See my blog on Dilbert's All time best

3) Glenn Mccoy's Duplex - which by any standards, is not in the league of Keshav or Scott, is passably funny

and the cartoon i do not like that much - or rarely is funny (once again, to me) is Pearls after swine - with a caveat, that whenever the crocs & zeeba neighbors talk - it is cool.

P.S : In the DC area, we have what is called 'Washington Post' Express magazine that is distributed at all the metro stands in the area and lasts good for 20-30 mins of light reading covering all topics with a creatively funny eye-catching captions. It carries Duplex & Pearls.....

Long live humor - which takes me right to the next post....(above this one)


venk@ said...

Haha! Keshav is a long time favorite of mine too!
But if I were forced to pick one, all time favorite cartoon strip, it would probably be Calvin and Hobbes. A delightfully quirky one goes something like this:

Calvin is in class writing a science test. The first question is Describe, in your own words, Newton's First Law of Motion. And gleefully, Calvin writes: "Brugh lim dum breal, ohh ugg..."

I wonder how the teacher would have reacted to this.

Arvind said...


talking of description, reminds of the 'real' story of how essay writing & character sketches made students 'draw' the characters :-))))