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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Tamil New Year Greetings

En Iniya Tamizh Makkale matrum Ulagam engam paravi irukkum nanbargale,

Anaivarukkum Ulamarandha Tamizh Puthandu Nal Vazhthukkal

paravattum sumugam
viriyattum ulagam
marayattum theemai
vidiyattum unmai
kittatum maenmai
dhikkettum aanmai


let peace spread
let world open up
let evil disappear
let truth appear
let prosperity beget all
let Godliness spread in all directions

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Faith Allen said...

New Year is coming. Usually, I send greetings to my friends. but this time, I'm looking for tamil new year wishes in tamil that are heartfelt and warm. Thanks! Happy New Year!