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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Public Relations (PR)

PR is 'What one can live without but not succeed without' This has been my observation out of the sample of so many 'sucessful celebrities'. There exactly is the 'gotcha'.

You can be successful in life without being celebrity, with what one defines as 'success' being so subjective. You can be a successful celebrity without being successful in life with so many one-hit wonders who made a mess out of their lives. But what makes or breaks one's image in the perception of the public is entirely controlled by their PR.

Take the simple example of 'Aishwarya Rai'. Everytime there is a controversy sorrounding her, it adds to her image and fan base (not that she needs a PR). Be it the affair with Salman or the subsequent episode involving Vivek Oberoi her Hollywood movie or her Oscar appearance (rather called disappearance)Irrespective of the outcome of the 'event' sorrounding her, thousands of web-spaces has been devoted to her participation in the event.

That is PR for you. How people manage to 'manage' their image amongst the public is becoming the 'critical' factor in success as opposed to what they 'do'

PR is based on the idea that public memory is short, media needs sleaze and ofcourse PR managers need their jobs ;) Not to paint an entirely negative view of PR, come to think of it - *everyone* needs to do that in their work life and personal life to satisfy the needs of 'social ego - the ego of the society'. Soceity with the attitude of 'you are with us or you are against us' has essentially pulled the curtains down on people who dont want PR or dont get good PR.

Nonetheless, since success itself, as coined, does not have any meaning when many people don't agree with it - the idea of PR and Success being inter-twined is not very far off from the idea that hardwork and success being together.

would this blog do any good to my PR ? only time will tell ;)

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Eshwar said...

Are you your own PR manager ??