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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

[Nature Watch] Human Brain & Computers Contd

Welcome back. Part 1 of Human Brains & Computers started with an intro to how human/computer memory works.

We will continue with Part 2 (more on brains) about what is 'memory loss' and how hypnosis manages to magically bring things out.

The human brain has a conscious & sub-conscious component. The sub-conscious component is the un-inhibited provider of the information. The conscious mind is the 'moderator' and 'master' of the information i.e. the conscious mind acts as the gateway and 'analyzes & acts' on the information.

When a person is asleep, the conscious mind is what is actually asleep - while the subconscious mind is still wide awake. Hypnosis works on the basis of talking to the subconscious mind by altering the state of the conscious mind (like sleep).

Hence during hypnosis, many things that a person normally will feel un-respectful to say but always felt so, can be brought out (just an example).At the same there has been much worry about the idea that, since someone has 'direct' access to the subconscious mind, can they 'alter' or 'program' it to contain new behavior - highly unlikely is the verdict - but the caveat being - only, if you choose to let it happen :-)

So when some one 'forgets' (temporarily) then it means the conscious mind never had that information handy while the subconscious mind always had it and when you recollect, the master is given free hand to the entire information.

Back to systems, there are so many tools, that still lets you locate files (after an accidental delete, i.e. erasing it from the table of contents) provided - the file still being physically available. These tools scan the disk for any files that are not part of the 'table of contens' but part of the file system.

Disclaimer: Be warned that you are not encouraged to try any of the above at home, and your entirely on your own in acting so and the author can't be held responsible for any of the shortcomings in such readers' common-sense ;)

journey will continue....

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